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Anna is available for personal 1: 1 mentoring sessions because modern life can get overwhelming, can throw us in unexpected directions, and/or the voice of our negative ‘small’ self rings loud, keeping us small. Sometimes you need a little extra focused support, guidance and encouragement that there is a lighter way ahead.

Drawing from significant personal and professional ‘life’ experiences coupled with her ongoing spiritual studies, ongoing academic research, corporate experience and role as a ‘busy’ parent of three, Anna provides a modern, gentle and down-to-earth approach to personal mentoring and coaching. Whether you book one or multiple personal mentoring sessions, in each session Anna will work closely with you, helping you navigate the beauty and fragility of being human, a little more gracefully. Each session will provide:

  • An open and supportive space for you to express your concerns,

  • The opportunity to navigate and to open up to what it is you truly desire,

  • Gently guidance and support allowing you to discern your intuitive voice,

  • With empowering, practical and implementable tools, and

  • Anna’s vision of a more conscious way to live and BE in the world.

Personal mentoring sessions take place online or in person at our Newport studio:

  • $150 for 60 mins

  • $200 for 90 mins

  • $250 for 120 mins


Selina, Survivor, Founder, Will of Courage

"Having complexity of PTSD through severe recent and dormant held trauma. Vedic meditation has been a welcome part of my self study, and I believe it is very much part of my forward journey to a better self understanding and self prioritisation that I have only in recent years learnt, to give and receive, into myself. Anna’s style, her manner. Her playfulness, her genuine care. Her profound knowledge not only on the ‘subject’ (of Vedic meditation) but her way of connecting to her students given the vastness of her every day (own) life, family, business, studying, community, career, living is all attributed to my desire to continue some work with Anna as someone who demonstrates the qualities I admire. And I feel she adds a new dimension to my healing pathways, from a variety of levels I see as valuable inputs and influence. Additionally, I have been reaching out over some months in one to one private mentoring sessions with Anna, to reinforce the benefits of meditation and create a rigour of self mastery and discipline.

Thank you Anna, for sharing this meditation technique with me, and the warmth in your sincerity to help others. And for providing me the confidence of your support in the best interests of my well being for which you’ve earnt my trust. In your care I feel I am further assured of my positive well being."