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Anna first learnt to meditate at the age of 18 during her university studies. After experimenting with different meditation techniques for more than two decades, in 2012 Anna learnt the simple and effortless technique of Vedic meditation. A technique that could easily be integrated into her life as a mama and her full time work schedule.

She attests it is the gold standard of meditation techniques, as it provided her the ability to transcend the chatter of the mind and cultivate more space for clarity, adaptability, presence and calm in her demanding eyes open life, whether at home or at work.

Career and study-wise Anna has always sought to have a positive impact on business and society. She is an established academic, focusing on conscious business and conscious education. Her award winning PhD and subsequent research centres on responsible investment. Prior to this she worked for a decade in the corporate sector in a Big 4 accounting firm as a climate change and sustainability professional and continues to do consulting work in this specialised field.

From her personal Vedic meditation practice, Anna began to realise that she had always focused on changing the world from the external corporate or educational perspective. And perhaps she could be more effective expanding an individual's consciousness from within, hence becoming a teacher of Vedic meditation. In addition to teaching meditation to individuals and via corporate programs, Anna is also working to integrate the effects of meditation and mindfulness into her overall research program.

At home, apart from her love of meditation, Anna has been practicing yoga since the age of 16, loves to travel, eat consciously and prepare nutritious food for her family. Just being in the sunshine with her husband, her two beautiful daughters, her gorgeous new son, and her family and friends is what she treasures most.