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Enjoy these testimonials from Anna's treasured students if you would like to understand the transformative effects and immediate benefits of Vedic meditation and learn more about Anna's commitment and dedication as your meditation teacher.

Sarah, 39, Mama of 2, Project officer

I enjoyed Anna's Vedic meditation course immensely! Anna's passion and enthusiasm for teaching and this style of meditation is obvious and infectious. The technique is simple (not always easy!) but already I can feel it's effect. I am calmer and feel clearer in my decision making. I was concerned about committing to two sessions per day, but find carving this time out of the day for myself is worth it on many levels. I highly recommend everyone try this technique. Thank you!!! Love Sarah, xxoxo

Deborah, 37, Mama of 1, Small business owner

Anna i can't thank you enough for this wonderful gift you have given me and now i can give to myself. I have only been meditating for a week now and i look forward to having this time to myself twice a day. I run a small business, have a 19 month year old baby boy and felt i needed some kind of relaxation to help me slow down with day to day life. Most of all i want to be the very best version of myself for me and my family. Vedic mediation is going to guide me in doing this. I did not realise just how powerful it is and how life changing it can be. As a teacher you were just wonderful, i have always been interested in learning mediation and felt instantly drawn to you Anna. Thank you. xx

Lizzie, 39, Mama of 2, Small business owner

If you are needing clarity and a sense of calm in your day, I highly recommend doing Anna's Vedic meditation course. Running a small business and being a Mum, I find I don't always look after myself but this is one course that has helped with all of that. I do sometimes struggle with the 2x day meditations but my mind and household is so much calmer when I do both sessions per day.

I found that my work day is more focused as well which is an added bonus I wasn't expecting.

Anna takes the time to explain the practice in detail and with passion and enthusiasm. She is a wonderful teacher, very calm, patient and answers all your questions. The initiation ceremony I found ever so special as well.

I have practised other meditation techniques in the past but this one just seemed to click for me and I am so grateful to Anna that she has been my guide and practitioner on this journey. Thank you so much Anna.