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After a decade of working in a Big 4 accounting firm and the past decade and currently as a Business School academic, Anna is well versed in the pressures of meeting budgets and deadlines, managing multiple teams across multiple locations, 'corporate ladders' and 'glass ceilings'. She knows first hand how a regular meditation practice ensures happy, healthy, motivated, productive and adaptive staff and teams.

Anna offers a variety of meditation and mindfulness programs that can be tailored to your company, budget and level of interest.


This is the traditional Vedic meditation course taught over four sessions in a group format within your workplace. Anna will work directly with you to host multiple sessions over the days to ensure lots of flexibility for your employees to fit into their busy schedules. 


In the 2 hour meditation masterclass Anna will guide staff using a simple technique, explain its scientifically proven benefits, and share her insights and tips on how to integrate a regular meditation practice with the demands of modern life, children, family, friends, work and study. 

INTRO TALK (1 hour)

If you are not sure where to begin but want to promote health and well being in your office, the best way to understand the Vedic meditation technique, the benefits of the practice, what the course entails, and the support available is to arrange an introductory talk at your workplace. This way you can get the conversation started and gauge the level of interest of your staff.


If you have a specific meditation and mindfulness need in your office Anna can tailor a program to this end. Some of the clients Anna has worked with and tailored specific mindfulness and wellbeing programs include Hewlett-Packard and Transport for NSW.