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Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting


Group Meditation Meeting

Private studio, Newport

We will check in on your meditation practice, answer any questions and enjoy a lovely group meditation. We will chat about the journey of meditating that can take us in all kinds of directions of expansion and contraction but mostly a journey inward. The Veda tells us this subtle inward work is about finding the light within. But this light is covered by layers or sheaths known as the Maya Koshas. The first layer is the physical body, then there is the energetic or layer of breath/prana, then the mind/ego/intellect, then wisdom/intuition and finally the bliss or the light. Come find your light!

As always I am opening this meeting to all of my meditation students, students of other VM and TM teachers, and to anyone simply interested to find out more about meditation. 

We are nearly at capacity for this meeting so please reserve your spot here.